Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jack Chick's Tracts

Today's Dr McNinja wins for reminding me of an old dear friend, Jack Chick, by referencing his insightful commentary on D&D.

Update: The Pirate Bay


Pirate Bay Pursues Criminal Complaint Against Major Media Companies

The Pirate Bay is now pursuing a criminal complaint against several major recording labels and studios, a bizarre role reversal. Last year, the Pirate Bay was being aggressively chased by Swedish authorities and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), though the slippery group deftly survived the attack. Now, the Bay is prodding Swedish authorities to proceed with a criminal case against ten major media companies based on recent evidence of questionable behavior. Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and EMI Music were among the companies named.

The damning information first flowed last week, when reams of internal emails from anti-piracy firm MediaDefender suddenly became public. The communications revealed sensitive details about anti-piracy initiatives and a number of devious strategies. That includes the proliferation of fake - or spoofed - torrent files, the creation phony user accounts, and the execution of denial-of-service attacks. "While browsing through the emails we identified the companies that are also active in Sweden and we have tonight reported these incidents to the police," the organization posted on its blog on Tuesday. "The charges are infrastructural sabotage, denial of service attacks, hacking and spamming, all of these on a commercial level."


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

AIDS Conspiracy Related Stat of The Day

In a 1990 poll, 29% of black New Yorkers believed AIDS was deliberately created in a lab to infect black people. (New York Times, Oct. 29, 1990)

(from "Swallowing the Camel" Blog)

Conspiarcy Theories of The Day

A list of the "weirdest/stupidest" conspiracy theories. I prefer to think of them as the "coolest." Here are some to mull over:

  • The driver shot JFK. (the late William Cooper)
  • Stephen King killed John Lennon. (Steve Lightfoot)
  • WWII was staged. It never really happened. The Illuminati employed elaborate special effects, stage magic, and phony journalism to scare the world into pacifism. (Donald Holmes)
  • Queen Elizabeth I was a man. The real Elizabeth died as a child.
  • A really old one that just won't die: Jews drink the blood and eat the flesh of Gentile children during Passover. Some Catholics still revere the relics of Medieval child saints supposedly slaughtered and devoured by Jews.
  • The doomed Franklin Expedition was sent to the Arctic not only to find the Northwest Passage, but to secretly investigate UFO sightings that had been reported since the 1700s. The men were captured, experimented upon, and eaten by giant aliens. (Jeffrey Blair Latta)
  • Denver International Airport was built expressly to conceal a vast underground complex, headquarters of the New World Order elite. Clues are hidden in the airport's peace-themed mural.
  • Nation of Islam: White people were created in a lab.
  • Jesuits sank the Titanic to kill some of the world's richest, most powerful Jews.
  • The early Middle Ages (614-911 A.D.) never occurred. Everything that supposedly happened during those years was either a misunderstanding, an event from a different era, or an outright lie - Charlemagne, for instance, is a fictional figure. And we are actually living in the 1700s. (Herbert Illig's phantom time hypothesis)
  • Shortly before he left office, Bill Clinton secretly signed into law the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA). This act would have completely restructured the U.S. government by - among other things - forgiving all personal credit card debt and mortgages, abolishing the IRS, restoring constitutional law, and somehow ensuring world peace - but the Supreme Court placed a gag order on it, and threatened death to any government official who breathed word of its existence. NESARA activists around the world are agitating to get the act announced and instituted.

And here's a fun one: By combining two separate conspiracy theories, you can turn Hitler into Jack the Ripper!

Theory #1: Prince Eddy, Duke of Clarence, faked his death to move to Germany and become Adolph Hitler.
Theory #2: Prince Eddy, Duke of Clarence (and/or Freemasons acting on his behalf) was Jack the Ripper.
Hence, Prince Eddy might have killed several prostitues, faked his own death, then resurfaced in Austria as Hitler.

Don't try and tell me these aren't AWESOME!

The World's Only Missile Silo Luxury Home with Runway

Title says all. A steal at $2.3m.

Spam of The Day

Evening All

If you are using GPS navigator to find road to your shlong, belive us their is a better way.

Kyvan Refvik

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Monday, September 17, 2007

the many mockeries of amadeus

the original...
the mr. show...
the family guy...

stereotype come true

i think we all knew that computer programmers have a tendency to look like serial killers... but i don't think anyone really guessed to what extent... can you tell the difference?

What do you do with noise offenders?

In Colorado, you force them to listen to Barry Manilow!

Naked Womand Related Occupation of The Day

Mr. Skin. I'm not going to spoil too many of the details here, I just want to point out a few key quotes:

"naked female flesh appears in movies -- an obsession apparently shared by millions of people."

"...publishes "Mr. Skin's Skintastic Video Guide" to "the 501 greatest movies for sex and nudity on DVD.""

""As a kid I used to tape as many movies as I could with nudity and then I'd save the nude scenes on separate tapes. I really amazed my friends with my nudity knowledge growing up.""

""We don't do male nudity. I think it's mainly because this job is so fun I didn't want to make it work.""

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Michael McDonald Spoof Video of The Day

Rick Moranis playing Michael McDonald in a Christopher Cross spoof video. Hardest working vocalist in the business!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Super Mario World Easter Egg!

An easter egg in the Japanese version of Super Mario World -- a level that plays itself just on inertia! Check it out!

really disturbing... commercials from a short-lived nickelodeon cartoon called invader zim. it only ran for 26 episodes, but in that short time, it developed a cult following of goth/punk kids (myself included).
based on how disturbing the commercials are, you can imagine why nick dropped it like it was hot.

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Re: Your Brains

Here's a pleasant and professional little post-apocalyptic musical memo. Thanks to MrsChacon.