Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pre NES Duck Hunt

Yes! Duck Hunt before the NES console! From 1977, and played on a projector screen...check out the video

Monday, February 26, 2007

Who says flute players are lame!

After watching these videos, you'll never think silly thoughts like that again!

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4

A Tasty Treat

…So last night, I was driving Britton back from Stonybrook, Long Island. It’s about a 2hr drive, so not bad, except that we got caught on the turnpike in some really bad weather during the snowstorm.

So getting back home, Britton proceeded to make me a tasty treat that I now want to share with you:

1. Take those easy bake croissant rolls..you know the ones…those that look like little triangles (don’t think they’re actually croissants, but they’re very buttery!)

  1. Roll the dough out flat on a tray
  2. In the center of each roll, place a handful of chocolate chips
  3. Roll each pastry into a self contained unit
  4. Bake until the bread is cooked and the chips have become a warm chocolate liquid center
  5. Eat no fewer than 2

Incidentally, that night also led to another great consumption moment. Britton had been talking about some vodka she had and poured me a drink containing cranberry juice and, I assumed, vodka. Except that about ¾ of the way through I wasn’t sure. This led to the following exchange:

Me: So….ummmm….is there any….uhhhhh….alcohol in this?

Britton (looking a little concerned): Ummm….Yes. I filled half the glass with vodka

Me (visibly relieved): Oh, whew! It just tasted like juice to me!

Britton: So pure booze tastes like juice to you?

Music Video Of The Day

Richard Cheese in a high budget video extravaganza. (Thanks Sad Panda)

Smoking or Sex?

You decide.

2007 Pillow Fight

Personally, I'm glad there are people in the world willing to hold large scale pillow fights for world peace and the betterment of the poor. Or just for the sake of holding a whacking hundreds of people with a giant pillow.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jon Lech Johansen on Apple & DRM

I'm posting this a little late, but it's still very interesting. DVD Jon's last couple of blog posts about Mr Jobs' comments on DRM make Apple look pretty bad.

Money and Power

The richest Americans of all time. Evaluated by a fixed dollar and showing a cool wealth/GDP ratio for each.


Ahhh, gotta love printing errors.

I love giant squids

And this one is no exception


Land of baseball. And mystery.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Calvin and Hobbes Snowmen

This is pretty cool. A collection of Calvin and Hobbes style snowmen. Very impressive.

Now this is news!!!

Ralph Fiennes and SEX

Short Clip from a Great Show

I don't know if any of you have ever seen or heard People Like Us, the late BBC radio / tv show, but if this clip doesn't convince you to seek out more, I don't know what will. It's from the episode entitled "The Pilot" (here's a clip from the actual pilot, "The Farmer", which explains the premise of the show - in case you were wondering).

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hmm... maybe it worked after all

I mean he did get a plug on The Ellen Show.

and another plug on "The DL". (whatever the crap that is.)

Maybe I should take this approach with my own business!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Wow...this is the WORST commercial

I've ever seen. My favorite part is the final clip of the empty parking lot.

I wonder how much this ad helped out with that!

Smooth beats, smooth moves, smooth rap! And a killer dresser to boot!

In car record players from the 1950s

This is just so cool

Thursday, February 15, 2007

America's Most Popular Charts

A chart of America's most popular charts.

Is it something about Lancaster, PA?

Or is it something about the Polish....in any case WHO WOULD DO THIS?

The 1/2 hour news hour

This is really bad. REALLY bad. In a wonderful, hilariously awful way. Fox's conservative version of the Daily Show...complete with some really, really quality canned laughter.

Watch a clip here

Read a review here

Sucks to be these people...

Hi Kevin! How did your Valentine's Day go?

Terrible, Bob!

Oh no! What happened? Wife not like what you got her?

No, I was stuck on a plane for over ten hours.

Story Here

Need an accordian player for you wedding?

Then I'd highly recommend this guy. I didn't know this kind of playing was possible on an accordian!

Simply amazing!

Top 10 Video Game Romances

Yes, one day after Valentine's day, I was fortunate enough to come across this very eloquently worded exploration of beautiful, classic, video game love.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

statistically distinguishable from zero

Study on P2P downloading and the effect of record sales.

Fox's answer to the Daily Show

..and, uh, Colbert Report....I guess....maybe...

the 1/2 hour news hour Start setting tivos now!!

Ever wonder how the RIAA gets ISPs to go after subscribers?

Have a look at this actual letter.

I Have To Agree with Mr Dave Barry

This is by far the best opening sentence in a news story this week:

BRIDGEPORT -- Former Internet piracy consultant and record producer Bruce Forest yesterday pleaded guilty in federal court to using explosives to destroy a portable toilet in Weston.

Old People Are Getting Friskier

...or so says the New York Times.

"In her presentation, Ms. Binford said she had also seen an uptick in homosexual activity among the elderly, and that more and more older people were being diagnosed with H.I.V., citing the recent case of an 82-year-old woman in the Bronx."

"Out of a pink Victoria’s Secret shopping bag, Ms. Binford and Ms. Bigio pulled out lubricant and condoms. “You can actually get this in drugstores, so you don’t have to go to sex shops or anything,” Ms. Binford said of the lubricant, noting there were also coupons in her pink bag. “You can even get your lube flavored. After I get finished with you, you’re all going to rush out and buy condoms.”"

"Urging her charges to meet potential partners at senior centers, social functions and places of worship, Ms. Binford recommended carrying a “bag of tricks” containing condoms, lubricant and wipes."

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Peter Gets His Own Theme Music


I Could Do This...

...I just didn't want to.

Yee recently calculated 116, 580, 041 digits using algorithms he obtained online.Yee said he fiddled with his program until its speed was unparalleled. The difficulty lay not in using the algorithm, but in using it efficiently. With more speed, Yee could have calculated even greater than 116,000,000 digits, but he was eager to break the world record.

Yee couldn't find the 108,000,000 digits found formerly by Gourdon and P. Demichel, and thus could not compare his results with theirs. To verify his own results, he calculated the constant to 16,000,000 digits twice using two completely separate algorithms.

Family Guy Clip

Peter smoking crack. This is part of the instant-classic "Peter finds his father in Ireland" episode. More clips from this to follow...

It's that time again

Time for mockery

Ever Seen A Cat Spanked?

Now you have
(thanks Sad Panda)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Some shining stars....

Take a moment to marvel at the vast stupidity of some people:

Nicholas Raber, 19, was arrested in Annapolis, Md., in December for punching a police officer and dashing up a flight of stairs after yelling, "You'll never catch me." The officers were aware that upstairs exits were locked and so waited patiently for Raber to come back down and be handcuffed. [Baltimore Sun-AP, 12-27-06]

After Emmalee Bauer, 25, was fired by the Sheraton hotel company in late 2006, she sought unemployment compensation from the Iowa agency that offers benefits to employees terminated through no fault of their own. However, the judge noted that Bauer had written a 300-page journal, during office hours, chronicling her efforts to avoid work. Among her entries: "This typing thing seems to be doing the trick. It just looks like I am hard at work on something very important," and, "Once lunch is over, I will come right back to writing to piddle away the rest of the afternoon," and, "Accomplishment is overrated, anyway." (Her claim was denied.) [Des Moines Register, 1-18-07]

College student Cory Shapiro, 19, was arrested in January after he flagged down a police officer to complain that he had been overcharged for drinks at the Athens, Ga., bar Bourbon Street. [Athens Banner-Herald, 1-20-07]

Having A Rough Monday?

Take a quick break and watch the Monty Python Dead Parrot Sketch. Then, with batteries recharged, proceed to conquer the world.

Russian Children's Music


Here’s a collection of Russian Children’s songs I happened to come across in my travels. Notable kid’s classics such as…

Mr. Nicotine


We Are Never to Blame

What’s The Sun Like?

911 is your Friend

Ah, Russia.

(thanks to Sad Panda)

Rationale for Office Napping!

Finally! Some sound advice.

Key quote: "Thrice-weekly nappers had a 37 percent lower risk of dying from heart ailments"

Speaking of video games.....

this is probably one of the best remixes I've heard of a video game theme. It is of the underwater levels from the Snes classic, Donkey Kong Country. Listen and enjoy!

Beneath the Surface

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ever wonder what Steve Martin thinks about 72 virgins?

Wonder no more

some excerpts...

Virgin No. 1: Yuck.

Virgin No. 2: Ick.

Virgin No. 3: Ew.

Virgin No. 4: Ow.

Virgin No. 5: Do you like cats? I have fourteen!

Virgin No. 6: I’m Becky. I’ll be legal in two years.

Virgin No. 7: Here, I’ll just pull down your zipper. Oh, sorry!

Hardest Video Game Boss Every

...straight from diggity-digg. I've never seen this game before...but...DAMN.

How long would it take you to run up the empire state building?

10 minutes, 19 seconds?

There could not be a more clear picture...

...of the difference between men and women.

Guys -- just try to imagine this one going down...

So What Do You Want For Christmas This Year?

Oh....not much

Lessig on Orphan works

Good Stuff

"The alternative I propose is a kind of copyright maintenance procedure (like patent maintenance). It differs from the Copyright Office’s proposal in three critical ways:
First: It applies just to old works, not to new works. For works after enactment, copyright owners get a 14 year grace period where they need not worry at all about any orphan work requirement. For work published between 1978 and today, there’s no orphan work requirement until 2021. And for work published before 1978 (in a time when formalities were the norm), there is no requirement until 2012.

Second: It applies to published “United States works” only — not to foreign works or unpublished work.

Third: The requirement it imposes after the 14/5 year delay is registration. But not registration with the copyright office; instead, registration with a private registrar approved by the copyright office. No government run registries here. Instead, something more like a DNS for copyright."

Who doesn't just LOVE CNN?

CNN on atheists. Key quote: "Europe is becoming a slum."

Tackling Criminals in Brooklyn

Those heartless bastards that walk AND listen to iPods.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

To DRM or Not to DRM?

Mr. Jobs calls for an abolishment of Digital Rights Management... and is looking for Europe to lead the proverbial charge.

Monday, February 05, 2007

PottBott, this one's for you

The history of General Tso's chicken.

Iranian Update

Can anyone tell me exactly why this is scary?

How Was Swimming Class, Dear?

"It was OK"

(yes, I completely ripped this from Dave Barry...but it was just SOOOO good)

Asian Mexican Resturants and Prostitutes

They do not sponsor them.

FTC and Copy Protection

Good to know.

"The settlement requires clear and prominent disclosure on the packaging of Sony BMG’s future CDs of any limits on copying or restrictions on the use of playback devices. It bars the company from installing content protection software without obtaining consumers’ authorization, and, if Sony BMG conditions consumers’ use of its CDs on installation of the content protection software, it must disclose that requirement on the product packaging."

Google Personal Sharing

Anyone out there use this already? It's a function that enables easy sharing of mp3s to friends. Pretty damn cool.

You know Ben Folds

Always good for a laugh ...and pirate jokes.

Perhaps, Great Balls of Fire?

Bright lights reports over Midwest skies. Could be aliens. It's probably aliens.

Apple and Apple Settle

Muy interesante

Now that's a dedicated gambler

Atlantic City, take us home.

I Hate Macs

British Humour


I hate Macs. I have always hated Macs. I hate people who use Macs. I even hate people who don't use Macs but sometimes wish they did. Macs are glorified Fisher-Price activity centres for adults; computers for scaredy cats too nervous to learn how proper computers work; computers for people who earnestly believe in feng shui.

PCs are the ramshackle computers of the people. You can build your own from scratch, then customise it into oblivion. Sometimes you have to slap it to make it work properly, just like the Tardis (Doctor Who, incidentally, would definitely use a PC).

Friday, February 02, 2007

I know it's only a vague clip of Hillary Clinton...

...talking about taking oil profits and putting them into a "strategic energy fund" to develop alternative energy. And I know it's just a campaign blurb. And I know alternative energy is extremely important.

But what it makes me want to say is:


Kevin Federline Super Bowl Commercial

Ok, so it is a funny commercial...but HOLY GOOD GOD that's a bad song!

Wish I had a Wii

Check it out.

I do love me some Bill Gates

Bill Gates: Vista vs. Mac, as told to Newsweek

I like this quote:

People like different styling, media storage, capability [in phones]. The benefit we get from having lots of great hardware partners is pretty phenomenal. And our software can run on any one of those things.

Expecto Patronum

It takes a big man to unabashedly proclaim that they have Potter Fever six months early.

I am that big man.

But by no means am I the only one.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Maybe you're asking yourself "What are they up to in Edinburgh?"

I have the answer. And it's cool. Very cool

New Remote Hole in Vista!

That's right, Microsoft is confirming a remote code execution flaw in its brand new, partially-released flagship OS. ZDNet has the story.

When People Ask Me What Church I Attend...

...I respond "XXX Church." These are the same classy folks bringing their "Porn and Pancakes" breakfast to rural America.