Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Facebook status update

A friend of mine who formerly attended UGA compiled the following list of remarkable Facebook statuses from her deep south friends on hearing Obama won:

1) "i need to lock the door so that the terrorists don't get me"

2) thinks the world has never seen a blind following like Obama has since the likes of Hitler. be afraid america cuz here comes the USSA.

3) Palin is still hott...

4) is not proud of america right now but is damn proud to be from Georgia! At least we didnt help put that idiot in office!

5) will be glad to stop hearing uneducated political comments and urges anyone who has nothing but negative things to say to feel free to leave the US.

6) is no worries Texas will succeed from the nation.

7) is really?! ok buckle up, America.

8) is its ok im from Texas were going to secede from the Nation then take over America to expand the Republican Empire of Texas 08.

9) is remembering that at the end of the day, it is still God's plan.

10) wishes people knew what they really just elected... Romney 2012.

11) yknow what the awesome thing about this is? Another four more years of people shitting their pants cause they didn't get their way.

12) is PALIN 12!!

13) is in Arkansas with a black man just elected. oh i hope i don't get lynched!

14)This is ridiculous. Packing my bags for the DR.

15) thinks Jesus is coming back soon since Obama won the election

16) IS moving to mexico and is going to build a tree house like in the swiss family robinson. Whos with me?

17) Learn about real socialism.

18) is praying for our country...


20) don't worry about the terrorists...just shine that big ol' rock on your'll blind them! well, maybe not, they may try to figure out a way to redistribute it to the poor.........

(Thanks to Ro)

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