Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guns on Campus

Rats, we just missed the Empty Holster Protest, where students wear empty holsters to school to protest the fact that they can't carry guns! There's a bit of a legislative effort to fix that in many states, including my own:

"Oklahoma's bill passed the House but was shelved by the Senate in the face of massive opposition by university administrators, faculty and students. Every president of the state's 25 public colleges signed onto a resolution opposing the bill."

From another article:

"Oklahoma State University President Burns Hargis said Monday the bill would have allowed Timothy McVeigh, executed after being found guilty of the Oklahoma City bombing, to carry a concealed weapon on campus because he was a military veteran.University of Oklahoma President David Boren thumped a podium Monday, as he intoned, “Please, please, please,” defeat House Bill 2513.Boren said he would get down on his knees and beg the Legislature, if need be."

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ONUG said...

If Timothy McVeigh had wanted to take a gun onto a campus what is there that would have prevented him from doing so, even with the present ban in effect? Answer: NOTHING! Had he done so for the purpose of conducting a murder spree, would the penalty for carrying a gun on campus had any significance in comparison to the penalty for multiple murders? Answer: ABSOLUTELY NONE! What would be the likelihood of anyone realizing he had a gun prior to his using it? Answer: Virtually ZERO!

As we all know, academia is, for the most part, run by politically liberal people who think the solution for all problems is to pass a law, supposedly to control people's behavior. It doesn't matter that the law is not going to be obeyed by the very people at whom the law is aimed. They feel good when they are using the force of government to control.

Isn't the academic (scientific) method to look at the facts and draw conclusions based upon those facts? The facts are that every jurisdiction that has made it easier to exercise our right to self defense by carrying a firearm has experienced a reduction in violent crime. But then, academics are human, too. They have their pre conceived ideas that they are not willing to look beyond. Personally, I would not want to be an unwitting accomplice to the next campus killing spree by extending an invitation to all the crazies everywhere that "There are no guns here -- we don't allow them."